The Hormiguero filter

The Challenge

The Hormiguero is the most successful national TV program in Spain. They have been succeeding on TV for 15 years and it seemed to us that they must have their own filters; and we got into it.


We have created a models. Animated Trancas and Barrancas.

If you go to the profile of El Hormiguero and use it you will see their eyes moving, their antennas vibrating and their mouths opening with the movement of your mouth.

Filters are a great way to extend narratives and create transmedia experiences. The Hormiguero filter allows all fans to “dress up” digitally from the comfort of their home and participate in the program and upload it to Instagram stories.

In addition, the filter allows you to select your preferred ant and two people at the same time can use it. More things very soon …



Development created for 7yAccion

Producer of the program “El Hormiguero” for Atresmedia.