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Keanu Reeves was the first one to reveal to all of us the other realities. Today many millennials and centennials (generation Z) live 24 hours jumping from reality to reality through their devices.

Integrated augmented reality, filters, interactive experiences are part of their everyday life. Making it more fun, more surprising and more free.

KEANU was born out of these opportunities. The first studio specialized in content creation in Integrated Augmented Reality.


In Keanu we are experts in immersive realities (VR, AR, Mixed reality). Specifically, we focus on systems integrated into third-party social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Snapchat, etc.).

We do not know what will happen tomorrow. Maybe WhatsApp will incorporate augmented reality or maybe there will be an AR clothing fitting room on Instagram. But we will be here to tell you.

What are our main services:


Filters allow us to create almost anything on the user’s face. From puppy ears, freckles, to a Christmas hat or a terrifying Halloween mask.

It can be animated or static. It can have lights and effects, music and sound. Tell us what you need and we will guide you!


The gamified filters always include some kind of interaction. Eating the cakes, answering the question on a quiz, or blinking yourself crazy.

We can give points, jump from one lane to another, inflate a digital balloon by blowing up, etc.


Through the IG camera we can detect horizontal surfaces such as tables or floors. On those we can launch a 3D object, particles or animated elements.

Having a 3D dinner at home or how about the Santa Claus?


Using reality itself as a source to unleash augmented reality is also very powerful. From a street sign to the label of your favorite beer. We can tell many stories…


In Keanu we believe that what does not entertain us is useless. We believe that what we do should be part of people’s daily lives. That technology should be simple. It should bring people together. We believe that creativity is a weapon of innovation.

Above all we believe in passion. In the energy of ideas. We believe that anything is possible if we put the right-minded team together.