Filter Levante UD


In the current context of health crisis and given the impossibility of going to the football stadiums to cheer, the Granota team challenged us. They asked us to create an experience that would allow their fans to cheer from home before, during and after the Levante UD derby – Valencia CF. It had to be an action that would go viral in a few minutes and recover the spirit of fans that can no longer experience their team up close.


From Keanu we decided to create an augmented reality experience on Instagram. We designed six filters that were integrated into the fans’ faces. Through them we managed to excite their fans, giving them the possibility of supporting their team from anywhere, and above all sharing it on their social networks. This development was made entirely for Instagram and had 100K reproductions in just a few days. At the same time, Keanu created the communication strategy to advertise the experience.