Don’t be mad, Tips about metaverse

Today everything is called metaverse; here we will explain from the hand of the Publicist and our CEO Pedro Jiménez what it is and how it is understood today the different metaverses in the Web 3.0.

Again, and it’s happened many times. Every once in a while a word comes up that fills everything. Sometimes they come and go, and sometimes they stay. Expressions like blockchain, NFTs, IAs, are like Aloe vera, are on everyone’s lips, in all campaigns, in all actions and is like a magic ointment for everything. And this new word? ; Metaverse. What does it really mean?. What is it and what is it for?. Definitions of the metaverse abound in Google; a space internet, internet 3.0, a decentralized digital world… Well, this all sounds pretty ethereal. So, is it something new, yes or no? Well, neither. In reality, as almost always, it is a question of concepts.


Does the metaverse exist? The answer depends on what is conceived as such, if for the user the metaverse is that space internet in which one can have an immersive experience, with physical spaces, shops, shows, real estate businesses, investments, esports and ultimately a digital LIFE; similar to what is emulated in Ready Player One (both in the book and in the movie) or in the now classic Matrix, the truth is that no. This metaverse does not yet exist and does not exist for the same reason because the reader does not yet know it, it is not yet a common idea in the mind of humanity.Unlike things like the internet or smartphones, regardless of the age range and origin of a human being, except for rare exceptions everyone knows or understands, even remotely, what it is and what people use it for. Thus, the metaverse from this point of view would not exist as such.


The other and most enthusiastic option is that it does exist. But not just a single metaverse but many that are still in full construction and that one day one of these digital worlds will become that; in the true metaverse, an authentic parallel reality by which business, relationships, experiences, advertising, contracts, products and services will move normally. It will be democratic, it will be common and it will be something that lives in the minds of all.

In any case, the world’s leading technology companies are moving in this direction. So something happens and they want to be there first. This is where the question gets interesting; Which metaverse will prevail? Can several coexist simultaneously with relative success? These appear to be the most relevant unknowns to answer. Among these proto-metaverses that we have already commented some already stand out mainly for their audiences, although in general terms these are not systems that allow immersive experiences (VR, AR, MX). We are talking about huge platforms where (almost always in the field of video games) much more is happening than the game experience itself; like Roblox, Minecraft or GTA.We talk about concerts, events, business, product launches that have nothing to do with the game itself etc. Mixing reality-real and digital. In this sense these digital worlds already have millions of users, own currencies and a great social activity inside.


“There is not a single metaverse but many that are still in full construction and that one day one of these digital worlds will become that; in the true metaverse, an authentic parallel reality by which business, relationships, experiences, advertising, contracts, products and services will move normally. It will be democratic, it will be common and it will be something that lives also in the minds of all”


On the other hand, there are other metaverses with the ideal conditions to become leaders, the question is that technology will prevail; that of large corporations like Meta (Ex Facebook, which is undoubtedly a whole statement of marketiniana intentions) o Earth2 with centralized control, these metaverses are like other big businesses, a large central entity manages them and gives users a framework in which to play, build and develop content. The battle is focused on companies that already have the main accesses to the world’s network, Meta already has one billion active users on their social networks; Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, etc. Making the most of these excellent doors to the metaverse is not difficult to foresee. Microsoft owns Mojang, a Minecraft studio, or has recently bought other great worlds like Skyrim’s Bethesda.


The other great option is decentralized systems, such as Decentraland or The Sandbox. They are virtual spaces, that is, a parallel reality that you can currently access through virtual reality glasses and other immersive accessories. From the user’s point of view, can you imagine buying a plot on such platforms to organize an event? How does it sound to generate revenue? , all this is already possible thanks to these decentralized metaverses which allow you to live this type of experiences without limits.

Below we will comment on some of the most important decentralized metaverses that currently exist and what are the multiple experiences that you can live in each of them.


Decenterland. This is one of the decentralized metaverses that is currently having more boom. At the moment it does not have a definition of the most realistic, but it allows you to perform events, brand promotions, art galleries and more. In fact this virtual platform has its own cryptocurrency, the Ethereum, used to pay from virtual land in Decenterland itself to purchase goods and services.

The Sandbox. In this case, it is a video game that allows you to create a virtual world in which you combine both blockchain technology, DeFi and NFT, all in 3D format. In it you can design your own avatar to access the various existing games and it also has its own token and governance.

Somnium Space. This is a virtual reality (VR) world built on the Ethereum blockchain. This platform allows the user experiences such as buying land, houses and even virtual buildings, in short, a virtual world in which you can do what you want. It is a fully immersive experience that allows the user to explore, monetize and interact with other participants.


As for curiosities in the different metaverses that exist, there is a trend that is revolutionizing within these digital platforms, the cryptorte, or also called: digital art, osea NFTs. Metaverses are currently opening their doors to the world of digital art and all this is possible thanks to technological innovation. Creators and collectors are allowed to exhibit and sell their works of art. But the NFTs are much more, they allow owners to get a guaranteed and exclusive property over all types of digital assets; music, gifs, videos and a long etcetera.


The big question for most readers will be How does it differ between massive video games and a metaverse? or more specifically, between an experience like Decentraland and WoW (Osea a massive online game MMO)? For the very purpose of development, its ultimate goal. In the case of video games entertainment is their goal, even if this has an important social experience. In the end, however, the metaverse has as its ultimate objective a social, social end in the full sense of the word. To create a society apart, complete, with the most areas of the real world better; economy, speculation, creation, metalanguage, conflict, social representation, membership groups.


What is the metaverse? It is difficult to specify what does it want to be? Perhaps it is a simpler answer. That other world, what Alice finds on the other side of the mirror, or Neo when he touches the liquid crystal in the Matrix. Or where Percival flees when transported to Oasis in Ready player one. The metaverse is the fusion of all digital needs and demands centralized in a sensory and spatial experience far superior to today. It’s the beginning of something very big, complex and full of challenges. Probably a civilization apart. Where digital entrepreneurs, brands, associations and political parties fight for the attention of users, but with other rules.


Finally, a curiosity: the term metaverse, as it can not be otherwise, comes from the science fiction work ‍Snow Crash’, written by Neal Stephenson…nor in the hottest of the author’s dreams did he imagine that cryptocurrencies worth billions of dollars would be exchanged, or pixelated gifs sold in the form of NFTs exposed in digital galleries worth thousands of euros, which could only be visited through virtual reality glasses while they are farmed in digital farms plants whose value as shelter assets grows day by day. Perhaps not even in his prodigious imagination did what is now a reality, in February 2022.


Collaboration and participation with “The publicist”, full article